We believe items carry the energy in which they are conceived, designed and created.

We factor our beliefs into our design process because they are worn on your skin, close to your heart, your head and your pulse centres. 

We research cultures to learn new approaches in the pursuit of happiness and incorporate our research into our pieces.  Sweet Harriet strives to inspire positivity and joy in day to day life, amongst women worldwide.

We design our packaging to make it easy to gift our favourite products because as a company we feel the most fulfilled when our pieces are given as gratitudes between friends & loved ones. 




Sweet Harriet is the brain child of Sarah Karst; a prairie farm girl living her dream life on the Canadian West Coast. 

"I love the stories behind the jewelry people choose to wear. I love how jewelry connects us to each other and communicates individual style & beliefs.

They are mementos of loved ones, conversation starters between strangers, expressions of who you are & what you believe."  ~ Sarah Karst


Michelle Leung is Sweet Harriet's trusty sidekick.  She creates everything to enhance your Sweet Harriet experience including blogs, newsletters, online shop design, display & package design.  


xo Sarah & Michelle