Jewelry Care


The patina and oxidized finishes are the result of a chemical reaction between when the chemical combines with oxygen on metal. There is a protective wax on all the patina & oxidized jewelry but for long lasting stable results we rocommend that you do NOT immerse your patina & oxidized jewelry in water. Do NOT store in humid areas like a washroom. Ideally stored not touching other metallic jewelry.


There are a bevy of products on the market to clean and polish gold & silver but we find buffing the pieces with a soft cloth, warm water and mild dish soap works best and easiest.


Our white brass rings and bracelets should not turn your finger or wrists green. All of our yellow brass products are finished with a protective coating to prevent any tarnish or turing your skin green.  (If a rings is turning your skin green it is usually a sign of an overly acidic body.)  If you don't want to change your diet you can always coast the inside of your rings with clear nail polish. 


All our chains are intentionally designed to look 'antiqued'. Do not attempt to to use chemical cleaners, baking soda or toothpaste trying to achieve a bright finish because it will not work. If left alone our chains age beautifully resulting in a natural dark chocolate patina. All chains are lead & nickel free.

Copper and Silver Electroplating

We do all the plating ourselves with environmentally friendly plating solutions. We prefer the look of unpolished plating. All natural patinas are kept on the pieces on purpose. If you prefer a shinier finish you can buff the pieces with a jewelry polishing cloth. Be very gentle as plated metal is not very thick. We will NOT accept jewelry returned damaged from your attempts to polish.