Easy Enamel Earrings

Posted: May 25 2017

Enamel earrings are one of our easiest jewelry making hacks!  It's a super simple way to add some colour and character to textured pieces.
All you need is nail polish (or enamel, if you're fancy), nail polish remover, cotton balls, charms, and earrings hooks.
Paint over the textured area.  Don't worry about having a steady hand!  Just make sure you fill in all the grooves with your desired colour.
Use a cotton ball to wipe away the excess paint so a thin layer is left in the textured area and leave to dry.  After it's all dry, use some nail polish remover to clean the surface.
Attach your earring hooks and you're all done!
So easy you'll want to enamel all your earrings!
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