The Birth of Sweet Harriet

Posted: May 15 2015


 I have been creating Sweet Harriet in the back of my mind for years without knowing it. I was a crafty kid who made every type of fad jewelry there was; from braided friendship bracelets, to neon gymp and those plastic strips you melted in the oven. In 2007 I studied silversmithing for two years for the joy of learning how to make my own designs,  with no intentions of making it my career path.  Jump forward to 2010, I had dropped out of University for the second time. My Mom was attempting to talk me into choosing a different collegiate program. My rebuttal for not needing a degree to succeed in life revolved around stories of other women who started handmade jewellery businesses that were thriving.  My Mom, surprised at all the jewelry business facts I had accumulated, challenged me to start my own jewelry business.  Challenge accepted! That night I dug up all my old crafting supplies and made hoop earrings till the sun came up.

A few days later I giddily opened my etsy shop. A few months after that I started selling my designs at a local street market. My small studio apartment was covered in jewelry and I quickly became obsessed with learning how to grow a successful small business.  With the support of my favourite gal pal we sold our creations at every market, fair and festival we could find. Halfway through 2012 I summoned up the courage to quit my waitressing job. I jumped into my business with both feet and I've never looked back. Grow Harriet grow!


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